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Please review your admission ticket for specific seating information, and as always, a CoMMA Volunteer will be glad to assist you with any seating concerns. Note that the aisles to all seating are 'stepped', not ramped. There is both a stairway and elevator to access Balcony Seating; note that the Balcony is on the 3rd Floor. Please be careful as you traverse the steps in the theatre, and enjoy the show.

  • the Left Section seating is odd numbered, i.e., 101...103...105...etc. from Center to Wall;
  • the Right Section seating is even numbered, i.e., 102...104...106...etc. from Center to Wall;
  • the Center Section Seating in numbered consecutively, i.e., 1...2...3....etc. from Left to Right.
  • the Orchestra Rows begin in the front of the Orchestra Section with Row A and conclude in the rear of Orchestra Section with Row V. The Balcony Seating begins with Row AA and ends with Row GG.
  • the Balcony Seating numbers are the same as those in the Orchestra Seating.


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sabo seating chart