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Coming Soon To CoMMA!

  • The Whisnants Homecoming
    The Whisnants Homecoming
  • Peter Pan and Friends on Ice
    Peter Pan and Friends on Ice
  • Burke's Greatest Show on Broadway
  • Jersey Boys
    Jersey Boys
  • Traveling Down an Irish Road with Switchback
    Traveling Down an Irish Road with Switchback
  • An Evening with Alberta Hall
    An Evening with Alberta Hall
  • Tied up in Knotts - Starring Karen Knotts
    Tied up in Knotts - Starring Karen Knotts
  • The Sound of Music
    The Sound of Music
  • The Sauce Boss
    The Sauce Boss

Does my baby/toddler/child need a ticket?

A. Yes, to help us keep in compliance with local fire codes, everyone must have a ticket, regardless of age.

What is the per ticket facility fee?

A. The facility fee is to help cover the operating costs, including heating, air conditioning, and paper products, of the facility. 

Do children need a ticket? If so does CoMMA offer a Youth ticket price?

A. Yes, young children are required to have tickets and must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult. CoMMA offers a reduced price Youth rates for MainStage Morganton performances. 

Can I get a refund or exchange my tickets?

A. No, All ticket sales are final.

Do I have to pay the per ticket fee regardless of how I order?

A. Yes, the facility fee will be added to each ticket purchased whether or not the order is placed online, in person, or by telephone. 

Is there a mailing fee?

A. Yes, a $1.00 per order mailing/handling fee will be added to each mailed order. 

Does CoMMA offer a Senior ticket rate?

A. CoMMA offers a Senior rate for all BackPorch performances only. MainStage Morganton performances are at standard single ticket price. 

What are the building hours to view the "Sacred Dance and the Muses," the Ben Long fresco?

A. The CoMMA Gallery is open Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and during all public performances. 

My tickets indicate that the seats skip a number. Are my seats side by side?

A. Tickets purchased on either the left or right side of the auditorium do indeed skip numbers, but not seats; this applies to both the Balcony and Orchestra levels. The Center section seating is numbered consecutively. Click here for more seating information.

Does CoMMA offer a Group Rate?

A. CoMMA loves groups! A significant discount is offered on all MainStage Events to groups of 10 or more. To receive the group rate please call us at 800-939-SHOW. Note: Privately sponsored events do not always offer a group rate, please call us for more information.

If I have any other questions, how do I contact CoMMA?

A. Contact the Box Office at (828) 433-SHOW for additional information.