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Etta Baker was a Piedmont Blues guitarist that helped shape the music industry in North Carolina. Baker was born on March 31, 1913 in Caldwell County. Etta’s musical talents were one of a kind. Although proficient with various types of musical instruments, she will forever be remembered and admired by the wonders she did while playing the guitar.

Her compositions, arrangements, chords and soul-filled melodies have inspired so many. Her legacy lives on to this day. Etta’s commitment to her local community, family, life and music made her one of a kind. Without hesitation, Etta’s contributions have shaped the way music is played and composed.

Etta Reid Baker died September 23, 2006. 


 In 2015, the Etta Baker exhibit was unveiled giving Baker a place of tribute in her hometown auditorium, followed by the unvieiling of the Etta Baker sculpture in 2017. 


The exhibit can be viewed Monday - Friday, 12pm - 5pm. 


"She was strong, witty, gentle, a gardner and also the world premier Piedmont-style Blues guitarist...Anybody who has picked up acoustic, finger-style guitar has been influenced by Etta, whether they know it or not." 

-Tim Duffy, Music Maker Relief