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Please review your admission ticket for specific seating information, and as always, an AARP Blue Blazer Volunteer will be glad to assist you with any seating concerns. Note that the aisles to all seating are 'stepped', not ramped. There is both a stairway and elevator to access Balcony Seating; note that the Balcony is on the 3rd Floor. Please be careful as you traverse the steps in the theatre, and enjoy the show.

  • the Left Section seating being odd numbered, i.e., 101...103...105...etc. from Center to Wall;
  • the Right Section seating is even numbered, i.e., 102...104...106...etc. from Center to Wall;
  • the Center Section Seating in numbered consecutively, i.e., 1...2...3....etc. from Left to Right.
  • the Orchestra Rows begin in the front of the Orchestra Section with Row A and conclude in the rear of Orchestra Section with Row V. The Balcony Seating begins with Row AA and ends with Row GG.
  • the Balcony Seating numbers are the same as those in the Orchestra Seating.


Platinum Seats Gold Seats Silver Seats

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